Drupal Hosting & Security

SS White Burs

Safe & secure
SS White Burs, a manufacturer of precision dental tools needed to fight an infestation of malware and then ramp up to a more "hygienic" hosting environment.

SS White needed hosting at the highest level of security and with absolutely no lapses in Drupal security updates.  Enter SiteBasin.

The Story

SS White Burs runs a 1,500 page Drupal website which at it's former host provider was not up-to-date with Drupal security updates and was eventually compromised with malware.

SiteBasin cleaned their site and then established a permenant security monitoring and instant patching system — a standard with all SiteBasin customers. A  Strong public key authentication was also established against server intrusions and brute force password attacks, tightening up and fostering a much stronger hosting and code architecture than they'd been acustom to. A speedy and locked down site is their end result.

About SS White Burs

SS White Burs is a family owned and operated U.S. based business with more than 250 employees.