Module and theme development

Drupal Application Development

Drupal site conversions, Drupal module development and Drupal themes. Drupal expertise to apply to your project.


Site Conversions

We specialize in converting your website from any other platform to Drupal.  Just point us at your URL, and we'll be able to quote you a fixed bid price for the conversion.  The quote will include conversion of existing functionality to Drupal contributed modules when possible, or SiteBasin custom developed modules if no existing Drupal module provides similar features.  We can preserve your existing site design as a Drupal theme, adding in Drupal features along the way.

Custom Module Development

One of the key benefits of using an open source platform like Drupal is the library of modules freely available for download that have been contributed by the Drupal community.  However, sometimes your business requirement is so unique that a custom Drupal module is the only solution.  SiteBasin can help.  We have experience building custom modules for both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.  First, we'll research whether an existing module either meets your requirements or can be customized to do so.  If there is no contributed module that fits, SiteBasin will provide a quote to develop a new module to your specifications.

Custom Theme Development

Although there are many Drupal themes available for free on the Internet, you should consider developing a new theme or customizing an existing theme, to prevent your site from having a canned appearance that is too similar to other sites.

SiteBasin is not a graphic design firm and therefore does not develop themes from scratch, but can implement a Drupal theme for any design for which you can provide mockups via Adobe source files (Illustrator or Photoshop) or HTML/CSS.