• Dedicated VPS

      SiteBasin Dedicated Drupal Cloud Server

      Your own private server with full console and FTP access to a Drupal optimized cloud server. All SiteBasin servers include OS and Drupal core security updates, daily backups and monitoring.
    • Premium SEED VPS

      SiteBasin Dedicated Premium SEED Hosting

      Drupal Premium SEED hosting on your own dedicated 1GB blade with secure SSL login and editing. Provided in partnership with iNet Studios. Available for $100 per month.
    • Hosting Options

      Additional Hosting Services

      Have an existing Drupal site that you want to migrate to SiteBasin hosting? Let us deal with the hassle of moving your existing site files and Drupal database over to a SiteBasin cloud server.
    • Policies

      Acceptable Use Policy

      The SiteBasin environment is maintained at RackSpace® and this policy is based substantially on the RackSpace® AUP. In general, activities that would result in SiteBasin hosting accounts being subject to RackSpace® termination are prohibited.