Acquia Partnership

SiteBasin Security Updates

Drupal 8
Pass your security audits. Drupal core and contributed module security updates applied on a quarterly basis to your site. Requires an Acquia Cloud subscription through ACE Ramp or directly with Acquia.

Want to ensure you can pass the dreaded security audit?  Keep your website running securely and with the best performance.  On a quarterly basis SiteBasin will stage all Drupal 8 security updates to your site in a separate development environment, test the updates to ensure they do not break your website, and then deploy the updates to your production site instance.  If the updates break your website, SiteBasin will provide a quote to fix any Drupal 8 custom modules or themes that require a retrofit.  Pricing starts at $250 per month, please contact SiteBasin to confirm pricing for your website application.