Drupal Secure Document Portal

Administrative Retirement Services

Secure Document Portal
ARS moved hosting to SiteBasin, whereby SiteBasin upgraded them to Drupal 7 and then orchestrated a new private document distribution system.

After getting ARS up-to-speed with the most current Drupal core and modules, SiteBasin then designed a secure document portal that alllows ARS customers to login and retrieve retirement planning documents. Drupal private files and access control modules are implemented to ensure that each customer can only access their own documents.

The Story


Administrative Retirement Services, Inc. is a full service third-party administrator founded with the goal of providing reasonably priced, creative plan design ideas to small to mid size companies.

ARS has seen its business grow substantially.  With this new growth has come new challenges in communicating updates to customers.  Previously, ARS annually mailed hardcopy planning documents to customers with each new tax season.  With more customers and the volume of documents ever increasing, the time and cost to send documents using old fashioned postal mail had become a huge burden. SiteBasin has been creating similar Drupal based portals for other clients and presented a Drupal architecture that's efficient to manage, cost effective and secure.

The new document portal eliminates the need to print and send out hardcopy documents by mail.  Instead, documents are posted to the Drupal CMS and customers are notified via email that documents are waiting for them.  Each customer has their own login and can only view their own documents.  Because the retirement planning documents are extremely sensitive, all portal internet sessions are encrypted via SSL for the highest level of security.