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Secure Drupal
In nearly 100 years, no one ever lost a penny on investments through MIF and its predecessors. MIF wanted their new website to be just as strong so they chose SiteBasin.

The Story

The Mission Investment Fund (MIF) specializes in church building projects. As a sub section of the elca.org website, they wanted to establish a new independent website all it's own. Having a chance at a fresh opportunity to start from scratch they wanted a platform that would be easy to update and manage.

They needed to change rates regularly, add videos frequently, schedule messages and alerts, manage documents and resources on loans and investing, and facilitate a lengthy loan application process which allows members to save and work on continuously. Working along side their long-time agency partner, Tom, Dick & Harry Creative, they wanted a content management system that would facilitate and coordinate multiple levels of resources having different administrative capabilities. Oh, and they wanted it all accessible on any device.

SiteBasin deftly crafted an archetecture of custom and contributed Drupal 7 modules a top a customization of Zen using SASS. 


  • mif.elca.org
  • Tom, Dick & Harry Creative
  • Orbis Web Design