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Stone, glass & Drupal

Massmann Studios | Ubercart
Massmann Studios, a church design and renovation company, establishes a more solid digital foundation by moving to SiteBasin.

Massmann Studios' Drupal developer needed help in adding e-commerce to their already established Drupal site.

SiteBasin specializes in Drupal hosting and advanced Drupal architecture.

Moving Massmann into SiteBasin's ultra-stable and secure hosting architecture was the first step. SiteBasin then did the heavy lifting of integrating an Ubercart-based store into their establised Drupal configuration with contributed Drupal modules paving the way for Massmann's Drupal developer to manage the work of setting up the store.

The Story


Massmann Studios of Fayette County Georgia was already a Drupal desciple and was looking to move their existing site architecture foward in stages. Selling church vestments such as chasubles and stoles was one of those stages. In doing so, they needed to provide affiliate tracking for the calculation of affiliate commisions.

Committing a site to e-commerce, even a simple one requires a different level of site and support. Transactions will not flow if there is even a hint of security miss-steps, site downtime or inadequately trained personel in fullfilling orders in all the ways that are truly required.  

In addition to setting up Massmann and their Drupal developer with the right foundation for these e-commerce requirements, ongoing SiteBasin support is standard with their hosting packages enabling Massmann to step into e-commerce with confidence and a predictable budget.